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Anybody Remember RC Cola Movies?

These days, a movie ticket runs about $8, but 50 years ago you could get in with just six bottle caps. Then, the RC Cola movies were the hot spot for kids and preteens who wanted to see a movie without spending allowance money.

Just off the square downtown, the RC Cola Theater had current movies showing with live music outside. Kids would scrounge up six RC Cola bottle caps or collect them throughout the week so they could go to the movies.

After the show ended they would all head to White Castle for hamburgers.

Times were different then, when kids could still catch a movie and walk to get a snack downtown.

Do you remember the RC Cola movie theater? Tell us your best memories in the comment sections.

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Jessie Harbin

Jessie is a newlywed living in Meridianville with her husband and three dogs. She's learning to sail on their 26-foot sailboat in Guntersville. At the time of publication, nobody has fallen ill because of her cooking.

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