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Bringing Friends Together and Friends to Jesus

Clements Baptist invites you to Friend Day.

It’s no secret church attendance skyrockets on Easter Sunday, but what about after Easter?

Clements Baptist Church wants to make sure people learn about Jesus and know they are loved on in the days that follow the major Christian holiday, and that’s why they are having Friend Day at their Huntsville campus on May 7.

“We’re considering Friend Day as important as Easter in regards to inviting people to church and reaching out to people,” said Pastor Tim Anderson.

Clements members say they have so much momentum coming off of Easter because of their powerful services and the movement going on at their church in general.

“Watching God move and change lives is always an amazing thing, but there is nothing like experiencing it from the front row,” said church member Dewayne Ricketts. “That’s exactly what it feels like right now at Clements Church Huntsville. We were able to reach many families during our Easter Community Outreach, and because of all our recent momentum, I am very excited about the upcoming Friend Day and how God can build on what He has already done in just the past few weeks.”

Clements recently had a huge turnout for Friend Day at their main campus in Athens on April 30, and they are hoping for the same at their Huntsville campus.

“The hot-heartedness (fired up spirit) of our campus and the hospitality of it make all ages feel welcome and needed,” said Anderson. “Our ultimate goal is to reach the heart of the Huntsville area. There is so much possibility there.”

Pastor Tim Anderson will be preaching in person at the Huntsville campus on May 6, at 5 p.m., for a Friend Day kickoff so he can interact with everyone face to face.

“Friend Day is a good opportunity to see who we are,” he said. “We want to get to know you better and you know us better, and ultimately, we want you to get to know Jesus.”

The Huntsville members are currently still meeting in the Christian Life Center on the Huntsville campus while the building at 1413 McClung Avenue is being renovated and prepared for them to officially launch the campus this fall and launch their live-streaming feature.

“Worship will be practical and contemporary as always, and we will finally be able to stream from our Athens campus to our Huntsville campus in real time,” said Anderson.

As for the Huntsville Campus Friends Day, Anderson says you can expect a powerful message from evangelist Dr. Junior Hill.

“He’s an evangelist that’s been around for a long time,” said Anderson. “He’s effective and gifted, and it’s really an opportunity for everyone to hear, see and experience something that is very rare today.”

Anderson and the others working hard at Clements Baptist say changes are going well, and the vision has been strongly cast for what they want to accomplish in the Tennessee Valley area.

He encourages everyone to not only attend but bring a friend to Friend Day in Huntsville at 10 a.m. on May 7 to hear Dr. Junior Hill speak and see God move.

Clements Baptist focuses on being intentional and using the platform God has placed them in as a mission field—and that’s what Friend Day is all about.

You can check them out at their main campus in Athens, 8690 US-72, Athens, Alabama, 35611 and head to the Christian Life Center on the Huntsville campus located at 1413 McClung Ave SE, Huntsville, Alabama 35801 for Friend Day 2017.

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