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Funny Dad Goes Viral, Adopts 4 Kids All in the Same Week

The first part of Ben Sowards’ week was a matter of life imitating art. In a Billy Madison-esque move, Ben splashed some water on his pants when he went to pick up his 6-year-old daughter who had just wet her pants at school.

Watch that scene here. We know you’re thinking about it.

But while his teenage daughter, Lucinda, was tweeting out the photo—it would later be shared 65,000 times—there was more going on in the Soward household.

Ben and Connie Soward have seven biological children, but still felt compelled to open their home to more children. Two years ago, they started fostering four children from the same family, according to TODAY.

It was their first foray into foster care, but it soon turned into an adoption story. After 560 days in foster care, the Soward family adopted all four siblings.

“Going viral was not the best thing that happened this week,” Sowards told TODAY. ”It’s really so superficial and insignificant compared to the other events of the week.”

Not all fostering stories end like this one. Natalie Balch, one of the directors at AGAPE of North Alabama told the Community Journal the goal of the foster care system is to reunite children with their parents.

Still, situations like this one do arise. When they do, it’s great to know parents like Ben Soward, grown men who will show up at an elementary school with the front of their chinos soaking wet, will step up to the plate.

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