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Gift Ideas That Go Further

We have gift ideas for you.

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Shopping at a small business is good. Shopping at a small business that gives back to the community is even better. Whether you’re looking for Christmas presents, birthday presents or even a few you presents, these stories will use your money for good.

Leaf and Creek — Earthpedition

Leaf and Creek at Parkway Place Mall has a portion of their jewelry section devoted to giving back. Twenty percent of the process from this section go directly back into the community.

Cyn Shea’s

If you love Cyn Shea’s food, you’ll love their gift shop even more. Proceeds from the restaurant and gift shop go back into Serving Hope Inc., a nonprofit that trains homeless people for future careers in restaurants. Read more about Serving Hope here.

Aggie’s Arts

We love Aggie’s Arts! Aggies Arts artisans, currently living in Ugandan slums, make products which are then brought to the U.S. to sell. Proceeds from those sales go directly back to purchasing more products from the artisans, which helps lift them out of poverty, graduate them out of the program and into entrepreneurship. You can find everything from necklaces and bracelets, handbags and scarves, to Christmas ornaments. Read about one Aggie’s Arts artisan here.

Kisoro Kids

Kisoro Kids funds different projects for schools in Uganda. You can buy goats, chickens, pigs — really necessary things in Uganda — in someone’s name to give an extra-meaningful gift this year. Or you can help fund a project. For example, each project they have going on is broken down into smaller tasks. You can fund one of these tasks knowing it will go towards building a new school. Five desks for a school in Uganda is only $150. You can plaster the walls of a classroom for $225. Read more about Kisoro Kids here.

Recentered Farms

Recentered, a Huntsville nonprofit that helps young adults who are hurting from an abusive or destructive past, roasts coffee to help pay for their residential program. Once men get out of rehab, there’s a period of uncertainty between the highly regulated schedule of rehab programs and the freedom and reality of the outside world. That’s where Recentered comes in. You can order the coffee on their website.

Life House at University Pickers

University Pickers hosts a ton of vendors that give back. You can even find Aggie’s Arts crafts there if you don’t want to order them online and pay for shipping. However, they also sell crafts made by the ladies at the Life House. This house works with pregnant women in crisis situations while they learn to have a healthy pregnancy and motherhood. Read more here.

Fow Wow Designs

Also at University Pickers is the ever-clever Form Wow t-shirts. All proceeds from the “Whisk you were here” shirt featuring Huntsville’s “Eggbeater Jesus” go to His Way, an area nonprofit that helps men overcome addiction.

Grace Space at Twisted Tree

Grace Space, a nonprofit that improves the lives of people who are struggling by providing the smaller things that often go unnoticed, has home decor items at Twisted Tree in Madison. Read more about Grace Space here.

She’s All That

She’s All That, a boutique on highway 431, supports The Wings of Faith Foundation, a nonprofit that strives to enrich the lives of teenage girls in under resourced areas. Giving them real life work experience, teaching them basic life skills, and supporting them emotionally and financially to get them where they want to see themselves in the future are the primary objectives. Read more here.

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