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Huntsville Eclipsed By Solar Show

Six-year-old Mika Russell knew what was happening on Monday afternoon. She made her hands into two fists and passed one in front of the other, the way the moon passed in front of the sun, to show people exactly what they were about to be watching. She’s missing her two front teeth, but that didn’t stop her from smiling as she sat on the back of her father’s red pickup truck in the Bridge Street Town Centre parking lot.

Her dad, Michael, is a postal worker who cherishes these memories with his daughter. He got the sought-after solar eclipse glasses on eBay in preparation, avoiding the long lines and Facebook posts selling the same thing at elevated prices.

While Huntsville wasn’t in the path of totality, it did get dark enough for the street lights to come on hours earlier than normal. Eclipse viewers at Old McDonald’s Farm near Dayton, Tennessee, noticed the crickets chirping in the middle of the day.

No word on whether or not it was followed by an E-I-E-I-O.

In all, the eclipse was expected to cost employers a whopping $700 million in productivity, although Bridge Street looked relatively unaffected save for the occasional waiter at P.F. Chang’s running outside with the glasses on to catch a glimpse.

If you missed the eclipse this time, you can check out the next one in 2024. 

And if you happen to be extra organized, gather up those solar eclipse glasses to hand out again in seven years.

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Jessie is a newlywed living in Meridianville with her husband and three dogs. She's learning to sail on their 26-foot sailboat in Guntersville. At the time of publication, nobody has fallen ill because of her cooking.

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