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Scale Vietnam Wall Coming to Huntsville

Huntsville is full of stories from veterans — some have happy endings with joyful homecomings while others, like Huntsville native Prentice Wayne Hicks, end with a name etched on a memorial. More than 58,000 Americans died during the Vietnam conflict, and many of those families are still dealing with the grief of a lost loved one.

In an effort to help these families and friends cope after all these years, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund has constructed a three-quarter-scale model of the Vietnam memorial wall in Washington D.C. The smaller wall, called the Wall That Heals, tours the country to allow anyone to see the memorial.

The Wall That Heals will be headed to Huntsville just in time for Veterans Day this year. From November 1 through 4, the scaled-down memorial will be open at John Hunt park on Airport Road. Admission is free. Chapter 1067 of the Vietnam Veterans of America will be sponsoring the event.

Made of synthetic granite, the replica wall is 375-feet in length and reaches more than seven feet tall at its highest point, according to the website. The wall mimics the original, wall including the more than 58,000 names that have been engraved into the stone. Visitors can make rubbings of the names on the wall if they choose to.

You can locate names on the wall here, or you can use their digital kiosk.

In addition to the monument, there will also be a traveling education center to teach visitors about the conflict, geography and the lives lost.

For more information, see the Wall That Heals website or Facebook event.

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