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Teens Guaranteed Spots in Medical Schools

Most students who go to medical school end up applying before their senior year of college, not their senior year of high school. That year is plagued with studying for the MCAT and keeping their GPAs up in addition to planning for life after college. That’s not the case for two Hartselle teens, though. Gabbie Stout and Melissa Ebeling, both students at the Hartselle High School, are part of the Medical Academy, a program designed for teens interested in going into the medical field. And both got early admission to medical school before they even graduated from high school, according to the Hartselle Courier Journal. 

Gabbie was accepted to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine’s Guaranteed Admit Program. She is one of nine from across the country who are promised a spot in the university’s medical program after she completes her undergraduate degree. Students who apply to this program are judged based on their GPA, ACT score, interview, essay and community service.

Melissa, on the other hand, is keeping her talents local as she heads to the University of Alabama in Birmingham after her undergrad degree. She’s one of 17 who got early admission to that program.

The girls have been best friends since they were in seventh grade. In that time, they’ve managed to make a pretty big impact on the Hartselle community. Gabbie has more than 800 hours of community service. Melissa’s Facebook page has her listed as a test engineer at a Decatur software company. During their studies at the Hartselle Medical Academy, Melissa was certified as a pharmacy tech while Gabbie earned her EKG tech certification, according to the school’s website. 

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