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A Piper & Leaf Kind of Community

Even though Piper & Leaf Tea Co. feels like it’s been a part of Huntsville forever, it’s really only been on the scene for five years now. But in that time, the growth of this tea company has been incredible.

Piper & Leaf actually started as a farmers’ market booth selling all natural compost, with hand made tea on the side. One of the owners, Caleb, personally blended teas made from herbs in his garden. Though originally intended as a side product, the tea quickly took off as market customers demanded more.

No one bought the dirt.

Within the first year, Piper & Leaf opened a production studio and shop at the iconic Lowe Mill. A year later, a second store was opened in the Madison area. Recently, they expanded to Birmingham and also passed the mark of 200 wholesale partners that stock their loose-leaf tea around the country.This seemingly overnight success, although originally accidental, came through countless hours of hard work and a passion for their community. Piper and Leaf started in order to bring their family and their community together. So far, the brew is pretty tasty.

Piper & Leaf won’t settle for just any ingredients. Their teas feature locally-sourced ingredients of the highest quality. And they don’t add any fillers to their teas. Whether a black tea, green tea or herbal blend, each flavor is creative and will have you craving more. Additionally, most customers purchase mason jars, which can be used for reduced-price tea refills. This eco-friendly idea is pretty insta-worthy too.

Another key to Piper & Leaf’s success has been their dedication to family values and giving back to the community. Not only is the company family-owned-and-operated, but their shops also try to cater toward families in the community. In fact, one of their mottos is “Relationships over Profits.”One example of their heart for reaching the community was a special discount day alternative to Black Friday for moms with kids who may have had a harder time getting out of the house on such a busy day. Customers can also keep their eyes open for the occasional free, jar-painting parties — these events are a treat for kids and adults alike.

In the spirit of fostering young, local musical talent, Piper & Leaf partnered with Tangled String Studios to host open mic nights. If you’re looking to share your talents, head over to Lowe Mill on the third Tuesday of each month for the chance to perform.

Additionally, Piper & Leaf often partners with other companies like Fleet Feet Huntsville to host 5K or Fun Run races. These encourage old and new runners to get out there and experience the exhilaration of a race. Such events not only reflect Piper & Leaf’s emphasis on health but also a desire to cooperate with other local businesses in the Huntsville area.

A great example of this cooperative attitude is their upcoming Huntsville Coffee and Tea Festival. The leaders at Piper & Leaf recognized a need for a festival that could help strengthen the knowledge and passion for tea and coffee in North Alabama. They also saw this as an opportunity to grow better relationships with other local businesses in the area. Rather than viewing other stores as competitors, Piper & Leaf decided to organize a festival for other small businesses with a tea or coffee focus.

The festival is set to host over 12 vendors, with companies like Rooster’s Crow Coffee Roastery and Honest Coffee providing delicious drinks and demonstrations on drink preparation. (Check out the full list of vendors here.) The festival will be held on March 24, 2019 from 11 AM to 4 PM, so purchase your tickets before they sell out. All proceeds of the event will benefit Make-A-Wish Alabama, enabling one child’s wish to come true.

Piper & Leaf is hoping this will be a great learning and tasting experience for the people who come. Held at the historic Huntsville Roundhouse, the festival will feature tasty samples, food trucks, and local musicians.

But most importantly, attenders will get to see the heart of stores like Piper & Leaf: a love for their craft and a love for their community.

And hopefully other local businesses in the Huntsville area will see what Piper& Leaf is doing and take note as well.

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Claire Simpson

Claire Simpson

Claire Simpson was born in Nashville, grew up in East Asia, and has now made her home in Madison, Alabama. Claire is passionate about using her writing skills to tell others about the Lord and bring others joy. She enjoys spending time with the people she loves, like her kindred spirit, Sarah, and her family. You will most likely find her in the kitchen trying a new recipe, in her room cuddled up with a good book, or on a coffee date with a friend.

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