The TN Valley Community Journal is a consolidated communication platform dedicated to sharing the stories in our community that break down barriers to knowing each other and supporting each other.

Our agenda is to share the GOOD NEWS in this community in the hope that we will then breed more good news.

We are tired of all the negative stories making the news – simply because those stories are what get people to click on links, generate traffic to websites and revenue for the companies who own those sites.

Focusing on bad breeds bad. Focusing on good will produce more good. Let’s do that.

Our Parent Company Information:

The TN Valley Community Journal is owned by parent company Shattered Media, Inc.

Shattered uses the power of strategic storytelling to break down barriers to knowing Jesus and equip people to share Him with others.

Our Values:

We are a Christian, faith-based organization, but we are not faith-exclusive. That basically means that we will share the stories that break down barriers and help support organizations that are contributing to this community, and they don’t have to be Christian organizations. However, if we are to promote an organization, they must not violate Judeo-Christian principles.