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Alabama Player Offers Private Prayers

JK Scott is having a big year. He won a National Championship with the Alabama football team. Then he made headlines when he prayed for President Trump at the White House. THEN — he got drafted by the Seattle Seahawks.

And it’s only May.

Recently, JK visited Huntsville, and one action caught the attention of a fireman who happened to be standing nearby. Chance Winborn was in the Hilton on Redstone Arsenal when he overheard someone praying. He posted the rest of the experience on Facebook:

“When I turned the corner there was JK Scott and a worker from the hotel we were at. No media, no spotlight, no ESPN…. just a (very tall) man of God praying over someone he had just met. Less than a month ago JK prayed over the President of the United States of America in front of the world. This is the textbook definition of humility. I hope the Lord blesses this guy beyond measure in the NFL.”

Stay classy, JK.

We’ll be right back after we go buy a Seattle Seahawks’ jersey.

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