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Area Senior Featured on National Talk Show

This isn’t the senior year Peyton Malone expected. The Buckhorn High School senior-turned-songwriter took his musical talents to cheer up his classmates. The song, “Walk,” details how the year started out normal, then devolved with the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Our year was looking bright, cheering on the boys on the field under the Friday night lights,” Peyton sings in a Youtube video

The whole thing — the teenage crooner, the guitar, the subject matter — is heartbreaking when you think of all the things these seniors are missing, but there is one bright spot for the singer. The video Peyton made went viral, eventually getting in front of Kelly Clarkson, who did a special segment on the seniors of 2020 on her talk show. 

The segment aired on May 14, garnering support for Peyton from around the country. 

“He wrote this song days after it was announced schools will close for the year,” Kelly Clarkson said. 

While Peyton didn’t get to travel to the set, he did get to have a video call with Kelly. 

“March 13 is our last day of school, and we had no idea that it would be our last time to walk in the halls with all my friends, all my seniors. That was it,” Peyton said. “So they canceled school, and (it) ended up we would have to cancel our senior prom, our senior picnic that we had, our senior breakfast, awards day, and the last thing that was canceled was my graduation.”

“Walk,” was Peyton’s first attempt at songwriting, so it’s pretty impressive to make it on national TV the first time. 

Congratulations to Peyton and the rest of the class of 2020! You’re all doing great handling this. 

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