Area Teen Helps Elite Athletes Announce College Plans

Football signing days are known for their dramatic hat selections with teenagers’ hands wavering over ball caps until he finds the school he wants and puts on the hat, but college basketball recruiting doesn’t have a similar strong tradition. Instead, elite basketball players are taking to social media to announce what school they’ve chosen. Before they write the perfect 140-character message or research top hashtags, they send a message to Joseph Tipton.

Joesph, a senior at Madison County High School, has earned a reputation for creating graphics athletes use to announce their plans. He’s the unofficial creative director for FloHoops, a recruiting website for college basketball.

When Joesph was in eighth grade, a friend got him interested in graphic design for sports. He started playing around with different apps until he found his own style.

The coolest part of his job is that Joesph knows where these players are going long before the major news networks and long-time sports reporters.

“It’s really crazy, honestly, because nobody knows except me,” Joseph said in a FloHoops interview. “If you really think about it, like Michael Porter Jr. committing to Washington, probably the only people in the world who knew were me, him, his family, the coaching staff, so it’s kind of cool that I know before ESPN knows, before Bleacher Report and all these other guys. Then they post it on their account…It’s kind of shocking how blessed I am.”

To get an idea of the big names he works with, Joseph recently created an image for Shareef O’Neal, son of Shaquille O’Neal.

His work has been featured on ESPN, Bleacher Report and other sports websites around the country. Not bad for someone who is still in high school.

Joesph has a website where athletes can go to purchase an edited photo to post. While basketball is his speciality, he does edit photos from other sports. You can find out more about Tipton Edits on FloHoops, Instagram, Twitter or the Tipton Edits website. 

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