Cade’s Corner: How One Student Manager Inspired a Baseball Team

A car accident when Cade Hedden was only 2 left the toddler with a traumatic brain injury and compromised motor and communication skills. As he grew up, Cade grew to love baseball, even if his injury meant he couldn’t play on his high school team. Instead of giving up on the sport, Cade took on the role of student manager for the Huntsville High School baseball team, according to

For four years, Cade sat in the dugout, cheering on his teammates. That is until this year’s baseball senior night when they called his name to be a pinch hitter in the second inning of the game against James Clemens High School. Before the game, they unveiled a sign that read Cade’s Corner so Panther players in the years to come would be reminded of his legacy. 

While his teammates might not remember that one time he went up to bat, they will remember what kind of guy Cade is. An outpouring on his Facebook page showed just how much Cade means to the Huntsville High School community.

One friend wrote, “Words cannot describe a guy like Cade Hedden. You are truly an incredible individual…it is about time you get the credit that has been long overdue. The way you conquer life’s daily challenges with the same passionate, steadfast love towards the Lord and those around you is something I admire and can only hope to take after.”

Another posted, “I am so proud of Cade Hedden for showing us all what it means to be a real team player.”

While his baseball days may be over, the future is bright for Cade. He will be headed to Auburn University in the fall, according to WHNT.

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