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CEO Donates $1 Million Home to Kids to Love

Cerro Tranquillo, a 10,000-square-foot estate in Lincoln County, Tennesee, will now be home to foster kids from North Alabama and the surrounding areas after a generous donation from a Huntsville CEO. Rey Almodóvar, founder of Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation, and his wife, Cynthia, donated the estate to Kids to Love, a nonprofit in the area devoted to helping foster children. 

“The amount of trust Rey & Cynthia Almodóvar have placed in our organization is astounding and humbling,” Kids to Love representatives wrote in their newsletter. 

The Almodóvars have been longtime supporters of Kids to Love, but it was Cynthia’s idea to donate their home.

“The bottom line is that our priorities changed, and now we have a beautiful granddaughter … and we were spending more and more time in Huntsville and less time here, and … we realized we were not using it as much as we wanted to use it, so the question became, ‘What are we going to do with it?’ ” Rey said. “I told Cynthia, if we want to give it away, just give it away.” 

The $1 million estate, located on 42 acres, will be the new home to Camp Hope, a summer camp where foster kids can reunite with their siblings. 

“At Camp Hope, siblings meet during a fun weekend retreat in a home-like atmosphere as many as four times a year,” according to the Kids to Love newsletter. 

More than 75 percent of children in foster care are separated from their siblings, and if adopted separately, these siblings often lose contact with each other forever. 

According to Kids to Love, separating children from their siblings “increases their significant loss and sense of hopelessness.” 

Having a home for Camp Hope will let the children stay together for longer periods of time. Each room in the home is already furnished and ready for campers.

 You can see the estate here. 

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