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Walk into Rooster’s Crow Coffee Roastery, and you’ll feel right at home. Tucked away in southeast Huntsville between Whitesburg and the Parkway, this coffee shop offers high-quality brews and a communal ambiance. For the past few years, owner Tyson Saller has operated Rooster’s with the goal of delivering a great product with a great message.

But getting to this point took many years of hard work, prayer — and faith.

It Started With a Truck

When Tyson first felt called to ministry 16 years ago, he had no idea what was in store. “I knew God had given me the gift of evangelism, but I didn’t know how He would ask me to use it,” Tyson said. He attended Bible college, but despite being recruited for different associate pastor and youth minister positions, he didn’t accept them. “I kept feeling God lead me to the secular workforce, so I ended up becoming a truck driver.”

As part of the truck driving community, Tyson began a devotional for truck drivers. “I wanted to impact the unchurched and the undiscipled, so I would ask drivers if they were interested in receiving a short text devotional each day,” Tyson said. “I would text them a few paragraphs of commentary and a short scripture passage. I ended up reaching over 70 of the 150 drivers for 280 days.”

During that time, Tyson began to see some fruit from his devotionals. But suddenly, his family had to pack up and move to Alabama to care for sick loved ones. Leaving those relationships behind was heartbreaking to Tyson, as he wanted to help those planted seeds all come to harvest. “I had to learn that ministry was not about me and whether I saw fruit or not,” Tyson explained. But this experience was still a stepping stone to the ministry of Rooster’s Crow.

Then Came the Coffee

Six months after moving to Huntsville, Tyson imagined a coffee shop that would be a safe place for both seekers and believers to come together. He began searching for the best quality, single origin coffees he could sell.

After three seasons of selling at markets, Rooster’s finally got the opportunity to settle into a physical location to start building. But the city soon shut down construction because the road wouldn’t be able to handle the traffic from a coffee shop. It was a discouraging setback, and Tyson considered giving up his dream.

But then, on the road to church one morning, Tyson saw a For Rent sign at 8402 Whitesburg Drive. “I called the landlord and made it happen, and this location has been by and far so much better than our original location would’ve been,” Tyson said. “And the street number is also significant because it reminds us of Psalm 84:1-2, which says, ‘How lovely is your dwelling place,
Lord Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.”

It’s All In a Name

Any new business needs a good name, so we wanted to know the story behind naming a coffee shop Rooster’s?

Tyson explained he was struck by the life of Peter the Apostle as seen in the song “When You Were Young” by Luke Wood. “Peter had zeal but also weaknesses, and I related to that,” Tyson said. “Everyone expected Jesus to come in fighting, but He valued mercy over judgement. Peter went from a crazy guy cutting someone’s ear off to renouncing Jesus three times before the rooster crowed, to the shepherd of the flock. Jesus asked Peter to ‘feed my sheep,’ and ‘feed my lambs,’ and that transformation was only possible through Christ. The name Rooster’s Crow reflects the alarming reality that we can’t live for God on our own strength.”

Tyson says his employees are one of his greatest joys of the job. “I really love them and helping them understand how to grow in the Lord,” he said. “I try to be there for them as a mentor.”

Another joy of owning Rooster’s is Tyson’s increased relationships with the community. “We get to partner with a lot of other great small businesses and the number of people who pass through our shop as well,” he said. “I’m in about five Bible studies each week with people I’ve met through Rooster’s.”

Owning a small business comes with its challenges, though. “Obviously I want my business to be successful so I can support my family,” Tyson said. “When business is slow, I just have to submit my pride to the Lord and know He is taking care of us.”

As Rooster’s Crow continues to grow, Tyson hopes to expand both wholesale and online sales. One plan for the future is to build a drive-through on the side of the building. “Potentially, I would love to see us become a franchise, where people of like heart and passion could replicate our shop,” Tyson said.

The main thing Tyson stresses about Rooster’s is that they’re not just a Christian business, but a safe haven for all. This Huntsville coffee shop is an oasis open to everyone who loves a good cup of coffee.

“We care about quality, people and a good experience,” Tyson said. “I want anyone who comes through those doors to feel at home.”

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Claire Simpson

Claire Simpson

Claire Simpson was born in Nashville, grew up in East Asia, and has now made her home in Madison, Alabama. Claire is passionate about using her writing skills to tell others about the Lord and bring others joy. She enjoys spending time with the people she loves, like her kindred spirit, Sarah, and her family. You will most likely find her in the kitchen trying a new recipe, in her room cuddled up with a good book, or on a coffee date with a friend.

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