Cyn Shea’s Celebrates 10 Years With Red Envelope Promotion, TV Giveaway

As a young girl, Cynthia Hart loved to help her Nanny bake fresh, coconut cake for her family to have at Christmas. Later, when she was studying architecture, Cynthia waited tables to help pay for school. Soon enough, she was back in the kitchen making treats for customers in the restaurant.

In some ways, feeding other people has always been a part of Cynthia Hart, so it wasn’t a surprise when she started Cyn Shea’s Cafe and Catering.

In 1995, Cyn Shea’s Complete Catering opened in Fayetteville, Tennessee as a distinctively different business. While the food was wonderful, that isn’t what made it distinctively different.

“Through the years, we have won multiple industry awards, and today, almost 22 years later, Cyn Shea’s is still well known for its distinctive difference—that difference being the difference our Lord Jesus Christ has made in our lives and in the operations of this very challenging yet exciting business,” Cynthia said.

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Ten Years

In 2002, Cynthia moved the catering business to Hampton Cove, and in 2006, to their current Huntsville location. To celebrate their 10-year anniversary in Huntsville, Cyn Shea’s is holding a Red Envelope Christmas Giveaway.

Throughout the month of December, patrons will get a special envelope, only to be opened when they return in January. The gifts vary from 10 percent off an order, a $10 gift card, a free slice of cake, free cookie or free coffee.

As with most things this month, there is a strict, no-peeking policy on the envelopes.

Each envelope also includes an entry for a drawing to win a brand-new, 55-inch LED HDTV with Roku.

What’s Next

Cynthia has earned a reputation for giving back. She stocks a table at the front of the restaurant for the local homeless population to come in and get a bowl of hot, delicious soup. She has hosted fundraisers for Haiti after the recent hurricane. She provides dinner for the Downtown Community Supper Series so people can come in and talk about how faith relates to current events.

And now, Cynthia is looking ahead to what the next 10 years will bring. She is planning an event on February 2 to share what her plans are for the next decade at Cyn Shea’s.

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