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Dear Jesus, Please Let This Baby Breathe

Caution: Strong language

When Tom Mitchell set out to help people after tornadoes tore across East Texas on Saturday, he didn’t expect to save a life.

Phillip Ocheltree, a father from Willis Point, Texas, was driving with his toddler daughter and infant son when his truck hydroplaned off the highway, according to a Facebook post. The vehicle flipped, leaving the three trapped inside.

Mitchell came across the overturned truck caught in rising floodwaters. Since he wasn’t physically able to help in the waist-deep water, Mitchell began to film the rescue from his phone, according to WFAA.

Several other men had stopped to help by trying to flip the truck back over. At first the video shows the men struggling to get the doors open, moving slowly and methodically. Then they realize there are two children—an infant and a toddler—in the back, and the rescuers jump into overdrive.

One woman begins praying as they work to pull the children from the truck.

They free the infant from the truck and bring him to the back of another truck that was safely on land. It’s gut-wrenching to watch as the video briefly shows the toddler, by this point turning a blue-grey color, sitting motionless, still strapped in her carseat.

“Dear Jesus, let this baby breathe,” the woman says.

Mitchell puts his phone in his pocket and starts CPR on the baby, according to USA Today. Once he revives the infant, he moves on to the toddler, and the woman continues her prayers.

“In the name of Jesus, let her breathe, Lord,” she says on the video—over and over.

A man’s voice finally calls out, “She is breathing!” Mitchell, along with the other people who had stopped to help the family, were able to revive both children.

As prayers poured in from around the world on his Facebook page, Phillip posted an update on the daughter, Addy, on Sunday.

“Update on addy bug, she is stable and doing much better. Still under sedation but pulling the breathing tube in the morning to see if she can do it on her own. All scans and tests say it looks promising, we seriously cannot thank all of the friends, people family everyone that has been with us thank you all for your support and prayers the man upstairs is hearing them loud and clear.”

Another Facebook post has a good-news report about the baby. Kacie Clayton Reed commented: The smallest baby is doing great. He s coming home tomorrow with me. The 18 month old is stable but keep her in your thoughts Please!

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