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Do-Gooder Outdone at Huntsville Publix


Monica Wagner was grocery shopping at the Publix on Whitesburg Drive when a young man needing help approached her. He recently started a new job nearby and he didn’t have enough money for food. He made one thing clear: He didn’t want cash, simply something to eat.

Monica, like any good southern woman, couldn’t let him go hungry, so she agreed to pay for whatever he wanted to eat. He ran to get some things and put them in her cart. Nearby, two managers saw the interaction.

“We both noticed two Publix managers watching us, so he said he would wait outside for me because he didn’t want to cause trouble or for them to get upset,” Monica wrote on Facebook. “As he walked away, I saw them stop him and then one of them came to me and got his stuff out of my cart. I felt so bad for the guy knowing that it must be very difficult to humble yourself enough to ask someone to buy you food, much less the feeling of embarrassment from being called out by management.”

The managers stopped her, but instead of hassling the man for asking for help, they said he could have the food for free.

“I even heard them ask him if he needed anything else,” Monica continued. “That just made me so happy! Obviously they did not have to do that for him, but they chose to. It really warmed my heart, and I felt I should share since there is so much negativity, cruelty and sadness in our world right now. Praying for more kindness like this!  It literally made my day to witness them be so kind to him.”

Extra thanks to the two Publix managers for warming our hearts today.

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Jessie Harbin

Jessie lives in Meridianville with her husband, baby and four dogs. She thrives on chaos, and loves finding good news stories where you least expect them.

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