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Don’t Forget To Remember

Chuck got married on July 5. It was perfect. Men tend to forget anniversaries, so it was great that he had a built-in reminder: Every time he saw fireworks, he would remember to buy flowers and a card for his anniversary. Well, it was perfect until the year someone shot off fireworks on New Year’s Eve, and he came home with roses and chocolate on January 1.

David King, chief technology officer at AEgis Technologies, had a similar yet less hilariously awkward problem. With four daughters, one son and a wife, he was always forgetting birthdays and anniversaries. He had an idea for an app that reminded him of all the big dates, so he threw that idea out to the AEgis Innovation team, the same group behind Electrip for electric vehicles and Virtual Stinger Dome.

Cole Rickles, one of the leaders of Innovation Team, took the idea and ran with it. They started building Gofer Gift in July 2017 as an app that mixed David’s original idea with other, helpful gift-giving options.

“Once an idea gets pitched to the team, it sort of morphs into something good with input from everyone, and hopefully, we can turn it into something great,” Cole said. The team has generated over 100 ideas over the last two years.  

Once the app is completed, you will be able to set as many reminders as you need for each event, and stagger them at the intervals that work best for you. Not only will the app remind you of the event as many times as you need it to so you don’t forget like David, but you can also set up text and email reminders.

Gofer Gift has several other functions. First, it acts like a wishlist keeper. So if you see something in a store you want but don’t particularly want to buy right then, you can add it to your list in hopes that your friends and family — all of whom are using Gofer Gift after you tell them about it — will buy it for your next present holiday.

Moreover, Gofer Gift will provide intelligent suggestions based on what a person likes on social media. Don’t worry, though. Both parties will have to agree to use the app, so it won’t be making suggestions to your grandmother based on that questionable page you like — even though we know you only liked it because you were curious.

Developers just finished the first round of testing on AEgis employees. After they fix the bugs and add the new feature request from the first testers, they will roll out round two of testing. Then, after those bugs are squished, they will launch the final product. Developers hope to have Gofer Gift live by the middle of this year, with definite plans to be live by Christmas 2018.

Wishing and Hoping

A few years ago, Anna got the idea to send out an Amazon wishlist to everyone before Christmas. She had just married into the family, and they started bugging her in October about what she wanted for Christmas. At the top of the wishlist was a Lilly Pulitzer coffee mug in all its brightly-colored glory. It was beautiful, well-priced and the perfect not-too-personal gift for a new relative. The problem was that Amazon doesn’t show you what other people have bought, so as they were opening up gifts one at a time, Anna opened coffee mug after coffee mug.

Gofer Gifts will show you when one person has bought an item off your wishlist to eliminate duplicate gifts, the same way a wedding registry would show the gifts that have already been purchased.

It doesn’t have to be for Christmas or birthdays, either. A growing trend in wedding planning is the tool and gadget shower, a manlier version of the bridal shower where couples get tools and appliances they will need around the house. Neither Lowes nor Home Depot offer a wedding registry, so party-goers are stuck with word-of-mouth suggestions for what the couple might need.

This is a non-issue with Gofer Gift. You will be able to create wishlists for any holiday or event at any store.

“So, if you can create a registry for whatever event you want in this (app), and you can save from Home Depot, from Lowes, from Amazon … all of them in one place where it’s not store limited … then it’s a lot more useful registry,” Cole said.

Intelligent Suggestions

Maybe you’ve seen them, or maybe you’ve been one of them: the grandmother walking through Lowes asking for suggestions for her grandson or the husband walking around the Clinique counter, referring to all the makeup as war paint.

To solve the mystery of what to buy everyone, Gofer Gift will include intelligent suggestions — ideas based off the things a person likes on Facebook.

“I log in with Facebook, so we’re going to start pulling in all the things I’ve … liked,” Cole said. “On top of that, I can start adding my interests.”

The interests will give gift-givers a greater variety of present suggestions instead of only the things you like on Facebook. So, if someone likes a bunch of dog videos on Facebook, but has other interests, like hiking and camping, the app might suggest outdoor equipment instead of a new leash.

Also with Gofer Gift, you can put in personal details like size and preference, further helping anyone who would like to get you a present.

While the final product won’t be available for a few months, the users who tested it from AEgis have nothing but praise. There has been no comment yet from those wives, kids and friends whose birthdays were remembered for the first time in a few years.

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