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Kindness Fairies Invade North Alabama

Heather White saw a photo of her best friend in Connecticut, clad in fairy wings, delivering wine to a doorstep. She asked about the photo, and her friend said she was part of the wine fairies, a group sweeping the nation and “dusting” homes of women with creative gift baskets from strangers. 

“I was like, ‘That would be really great here, especially during this time to bring everybody together without actually having to be in contact with anybody,’” Heather said. 

Her friend helped Heather organize a group, which quickly grew to almost 15,000 people. 

“It’s very rapidly growing,” Heather said. “I was not expecting it to get like that at all.” 

Heather made the first delivery herself to show everyone what to do. 

“It was so fun,” Heather said. “I felt like a little kid, just like running away from the door. … It felt really good giving something to somebody as a surprise to make their day.” 

The idea took off, and now the Wine Fairies of North Alabama group is spreading kindness and sanity by dropping off gifts to strangers’ homes throughout the area.

“The goal of this group is all about spreading love, compassion and kindness through gift baskets,” according to the group’s information section. “It’s to create a sense of togetherness while practicing social distancing. We are all in this together ladies.”

The premise is simple: If you need wine, post it. If you want to deliver wine and other goodies, post that. Then leave the gifts on someone’s front porch to keep with social distancing guidelines. 

Of course, some people don’t drink alcohol or don’t like wine. The idea is just to bring a nice surprise to a stranger. One woman received a bath kit from her kindness fairy, while another reported getting coffee. Some fairies are even getting creative or focusing on a specific kind of woman. 

“I’ve done two baskets for people that have the same interest, but now I want to do a few for cancer survivors like me,” wrote Teresa Alampi. “So, who out there is cured, in remission, or is fighting the battle right now??? If you respond, put your little bio, too. Cancer sucks!!!”

While the Huntsville group unites almost 15,000 members, it’s far from the only fairy group dusting the nation. Wine Fairy groups have been reported in North Carolina, New York and even Canada. 

To join in on the fun, check out the Wine Fairies of North Alabama page.

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