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Father Builds Desks for Online Schoolers

Marcus Holley typed “how to build a desk” into the YouTube search bar. Instantly, results popped up on how to spruce up your office or home, but that’s not exactly what Marcus was looking for. He needed a way to build affordable desks fast for the kids stuck doing online school in the midst of the pandemic. 

When his own children started virtual school, Marcus realized he needed desks for his kids. So he made them. He showed a few friends the desks and they were instantly intrigued. 

“A lot of people [were] like ‘Can I get one?’” Marcus said. 

Requests poured in from families needing a place for their kids to sit while they were doing online schooling. Things were crazy enough without having kids trying to study around the dining room table. 

“I got a real soft spot for kids,” Marcus said.

He charged just enough to cover materials until an anonymous donor gave him $1,000. Then, a GoFundMe site raised more than $7,000 for the project. Each desk costs $24, so the donations will keep Marcus busy for a while. 

On top of helping others, Marcus wants to teach his kids to give back. 

“Do good, help people,” Marcus said. “I feel like you ain’t lived until you helped somebody.” 

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Jessie Harbin

Jessie lives in Meridianville with her husband, baby and four dogs. She thrives on chaos, and loves finding good news stories where you least expect them.

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