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Financial Success: Only Half the Story

“Work hard enough and you can achieve anything.”

These were the words Shari Burnum often heard her father say. They were words that her parents lived by.

Shari lived by those words, too. The result was that, over the years, she experienced success. The Investor’s Resource team, which she leads, is a top office of Raymond James Financial Services, one of the nation’s largest independent firms. The team has helped many plan for their financial futures and is well-regarded in the industry, both locally and nationally.

Life has taught Shari that financial success is only half the story.

“Arrival at the top was empty. Getting to a place where you can really bring about meaningful change is much more fulfilling,” she says.

Today she asks: What else do my clients want out of life besides a certain dollar amount in their portfolio? What should they want? What kind of legacy does each of them want to leave? How can we help them discover or complete their full story?

Shari and her team began exploring ways to help their clients address wealth management in a more holistic way, in a way that not just builds a portfolio, but helps a client connect with his or her purpose and passion.

This next wave of financial planning goes beyond the math. The magic number a client needs for a nest egg is the first step, not the end game. Some of this process has traditionally been offered only to very high-wealth individuals. But Shari says you don’t have to be Bill Gates or Warren Buffett to have a story and an impact.

“Your story has greater worth than you believe.” Shari explains. “Sharing it reinforces your values and is the critical link to help those you love carry your legacy into the next generation. And it helps ensure that the world is a better place because you lived.

“It’s time to go beyond traditional, financial discussions and help clients have a greater positive impact on those who are important to them, with both the wealth they’ve built and the wisdom they’ve gained over the years.”

Our stories are powerful. That’s why Investor’s Resource/Raymond James is proud to sponsor Burritt on the Mountain’s Stories Under the Stars Series. We hope you enjoy it. It will be comical, serious and perhaps a little edgy. A bit like life. And we hope you’ll think about your own story, and your vision of what makes a meaningful and fulfilled life for those you love.

Investor’s Resource/Raymond James hopes you’ll enjoy Stories Under the Stars on the following dates:

“A Blast from the Past” – May 18
“It Only Takes a Spark” – June 15
“When Disaster Stikes” – July 27


Shari Burnum, CFP®, CExP™
President | Investor’s Resource
Branch Manager | Raymond James
100 Essex Court, Suite C Madison, AL 35806 256-772-4646

Investor’s Resource is independent of Raymond James Financial Services. Securities offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Raymond James Financial Services is not affiliated with Burritt on the Mountain.

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