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Recently, an EF 4 tornado tore through Alabama, killing 23 and injuring countless others. If you’ve ever been in a disaster like this, you know that you just need a break from all the stress, grief and expenses.

While nothing can take away their grief, the families of the people who died won’t have to worry about how they will pay for funerals. Not one, but two separate people stepped up to pay for the funerals.

First, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians said they would pay for the burials. Then, NFL player DeMarcus Ware stepped up to pay for the grave markers. 

DeMarcus is from Lee County, Alabama, where most of the damage took place.

Hyundai is donating an additional $50,000, while other small businesses across the state are collecting donations as well.

Lee County is near Auburn University, and even Tuscaloosa businesses are taking up collections.

“So many in Lee County and the Auburn area came together to help us when a tornado devastated Tuscaloosa in 2011, and this is our chance to return their kindness with some of our own,” said an employee of one Tuscaloosa business that is taking up donations.

Just for today — and this may be the only time we ever say this —War Eagle!

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