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Great Outdoors Helps Huntsville Stay Cool

Huntsville, Alabama—where the temperature is five degrees less than the sun. Okay, maybe not exactly that hot, but it’s definitely miserable if you have to stay outside for long. Luckily for us, Great Outdoors has been planning for this season all year. They offer several options to keep you going if you have to work—or want to play—in this heat.

Cooling Technology, UV Protection Clothes

In the past few years, companies have made some pretty big strides when it comes to cooling technology. The basic idea is that once your sweat touches the fabric, it activates the cooling fabric. ExOfficio shirts offer Sol Cool, fabric with Xylitol woven into it. If Xylitol sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same stuff that’s in your gum. The Sol Cool fabric works the same way—when they gets wet from sweat, the clothes produce a sensation similar to chewing mint gum.

Great Outdoors also carries shirts from KÜHL that feature AirVolution technology—fabric that gives the wearer quick drying, UV protection. But why do you even need sweat wicking fabric? Yes, our bodies produce sweat to cool off, however water conducts heat. So if sweat remains trapped on our bodies, we don’t cool down. We heat up.

But Great Outdoors has the solution—shirts from ExOfficio, KÜHL and Patagonia that offer drying properties to keep you cooler than a regular t-shirt.

Vented Clothing

A longtime favorite of outdoorsmen, the Columbia fishing shirt remains a favorite during the hot summer months. These shirts keep the sun off of you and offer a vented panel in the back to keep air circulating.

Great Outdoors also offers KÜHL’s Kontra Air pants that are vented strategically to keep air circulating.

On Top

Hats and sunglasses are a summer staple. Great Outdoors carries sun hats from Columbia, prAna and Toad and Co. The most popular ones are still the Patagonia trucker hats.

Costa Del Mar sunglasses are polarized and have features to reduce glare and enhance colors.

Down Under

Most people don’t know companies are working to develop cooling underwear as well. Great Outdoors carries ExOfficio underwear that is lightweight, odor-resistant and anti-microbial. These come in the same variety of cuts you would find in a department store and additional lengths of boxer briefs for men who are active. One Great Outdoors manager said 95% of people who buy one pair of ExOfficio underpants come back for more.

For The Cooler

Probably the most important part of staying outside in the heat is drinking the proper amount of water. Yeti cups and water bottles will hold ice for hours in a hot car or days inside.

What About Zika?

With the looming threat of Zika hitting the United States, and for some people who just naturally get eaten alive by mosquitos every summer, companies like ExOfficio have created a line of clothing that is treated with permethrin, an odor-less chemical that is safe to humans but keeps bugs away. The Bugsaway line also protects against ticks, ants, chiggers and black flies for up to 75 washes.

For The Less Active

For those who want to be outside NOT playing sports, Great Outdoors is getting in a line of inflatable loungers that will hold up to 500 pounds when inflated. When they’re deflated, they fold up into a small pouch.

Or, if you enjoy lounging outside, Great Outdoors carries hammocks that fold up for easy transport.

Stop by Great Outdoors upstairs in Parkway Place Mall for any of these products, and be sure to check out their Seasons Past sale downstairs near Belk.

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