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Great Outdoors: Serious Gear For Serious Tailgating

Great Outdoors

There are just some things the South does better than the rest of the world. We do barbecue better. We do sweet tea better. We do monograms, seersucker, porch swings and lake days better. And, of course, we do football better. The thing to understand about football in the South is the festivities start long before kickoff.

Because we do tailgating better than the rest of the world, too, and Great Outdoors is the place for all your tailgating needs.

It’s more than just eating outside in folding chairs. Tailgating is its own art—full of equipment, style and skill some have mastered better than others. Don’t worry if your game isn’t up to par just yet. Great Outdoors in Parkway Place Mall has several options to make your tent the most popular stop before folks head into Bryant-Denny or Jordan-Hare.

Of course, no tailgate is complete without a ton of food and enough drink choices to satisfy anyone. Great Outdoors has something to help you with all of that food and drink—the new Yeti Hopper Flip. It is smaller than the large cooler but still big enough to hold the four-pound ice pack and a six pack. Great Outdoors also carries the bigger Yeti coolers if you’re planning for more people or if you’re just really, really thirsty. They even offer on-site monogramming for the Yeti tumblers.

This summer, our news feeds exploded with videos of people relaxing in those inflatable loungers, perfect for those 11:30 games when tailgating starts closer to 8 a.m. after a Friday night spent partying. Great Outdoors carries the Wind Pouch version of the inflatable lounger. They are easily inflatable, even on days when there is no wind, and they will stay inflated for hours—long enough to get a quick nap before the game.

If that’s not your style, check out the Eno hammocks. Just don’t fall asleep and miss the game.

While you’re waiting for the game to start, grab a handmade frisbee from Pocket Disc. These frisbees are made from organic cotton. Each disc is made in Guatemala, and profits go to support the Maya people who live there.

Looks matter, especially if you’re trying to impress another co-ed who happens to be tailgating next to you and your friends. Great Outdoors has Costa sunglasses, Chacos footwear and a wide selection of outfits for the game.

Southern Marsh has a new collection of t-shirts designed for SEC schools and additional striped polos in team colors. The Columbia PFG shirts, embroidered with team logos, are always a big hit during the hotter games because they keep the sun off of you while letting the breeze blow right on through the shirt.

When you’re ready to go out after the game, check out the new line of Normal Brand clothes. The denim shirt and soft henley will both be perfect for reveling in the glory of another W on the board—or sulking in your basement after a loss.

No matter which team you pull for, Great Outdoors has you covered for tailgating. Stop by soon to take advantage of their footwear sale.

The Community Journal strongly encourages you to head on down to Great Outdoors and load up on all your tailgating supplies. Football season in the South is serious business!

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