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Great Outdoors: Water Sports Experts

There are enough things to remember when you’re white water rafting:

  1. Always hold on to the paddle.
  2. Stick your feet under the person in front of you if you’re worried about flying out.
  3. Don’t panic if you do fall out of the boat.
  4. Always hold onto the paddle. (They really stress that one.)

However, getting sunburned or having uncomfortable clothes shouldn’t be one more thing on your mind.

At least for William Phillips, it wasn’t on his mind. And we can tell you why.

William wore a pair of prAna pants from Great Outdoors when he went rafting down the Ocoee earlier this year. After a few hours of getting soaked, they dried out like a bathing suit does, leaving William to enjoy the rest of his day. His PrAa pants also offered sun protection, so he didn’t come home with sunburned thighs from sitting in the raft all day.

Keep in mind, William’s ride wasn’t some easy trip down the river. The Ocoee is the same course the 1996 Summer Olympic Games used for kayaking when the Games were held in Atlanta.

As with any adventure, it’s important to bring along the proper gear. If you don’t know what to wear on an excursion, head over to Great Outdoors for some professional help. Great Outdoors staff work hard to offer customers a wealth of knowledge about knowing what to wear for rafting and other water sports.

Of course, the first thing you’ll need is a good pair of waterproof shoes. The store offers several options including Chacos, a longtime favorite of the outdoorsy types. Chacos are waterproof, with an adjustable strap and a durable, polyurethane footbed that has been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Remember: Flip flops aren’t allowed on rafting trips, so you’ll want something with a back strap.

Water sports require light-weight, fast-dry pants or shorts—something you’ll definitely want if you have a long drive home. In addition to the prAna pants William wore on his whitewater rafting trip, Great Outdoors offers options from Exofficio and KÜHL, both of which are known for their sun protection. Exofficio pants have special features for sun and bug protection.

Bikini tops might be great for laying out on a beach, but you’ll want something more substantial for water sports. Great Outdoors recommends lightweight shirts with a UPF factor for sun protection. Tops from KÜHL, Exofficio, Southern Marsh, Toad & Co. and Patagonia will all help keep the sun off of you while still keeping you cool enough to enjoy the remainder of summer in the South.

Don’t forget Great Outdoors is having their Seasons Past sale through Labor Day downstairs near Belk in Parkway Place Mall. If you’re heading out on any late-summer water excursions, head over to Great Outdoors to make sure you have all the proper gear—both for safety and for comfort.

We are positive you’ll come out with exactly what you need.

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