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Groceries for Good

There is still good in the world, and I have witnessed it. 

Working in law enforcement, my husband and I see it all — the good, the bad and the ugly. In these unprecedented times, mayhem ensues, negativity and fear rise. But there is still good in the world. 

While patrolling local shopping centers, I saw an elderly couple in a red Toyota Corolla circling the supermarket parking lot. I stood at the front entrance with a woman’s children because she didn’t want to take them inside with so many possibly germ-infecting items to touch. I watched the couple find a spot near the door and sit in the running car for 20 minutes. A young woman appeared, her hands full of groceries as she approached the car and spoke to the couple. She then went to her car to load her groceries and returned to the couple to exchange a few more words. 

But instead of returning to her car to leave, she walked back to the entrance of the store. 

Curious, and unable to leave the children unattended, I asked the woman if the elderly couple was okay. 

The woman reported she noticed the couple in the car as she entered the store and saw they were still sitting there on the way out. So she asked if everything was alright. 

She told me the couple was scared to go in because of the coronavirus and was working on a plan. The young woman offered to buy their groceries, asked them what they needed, and  was on her way back in to graciously do the favor. 

My heart skipped a beat and goosebumps covered my arms and made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up a bit — but in a good way.

 There is light in turmoil, and it seems a united front is hopeful as we move farther into this pandemic. 

That’s not the only genuine act of compassion of kindness I’ve seen in my community. The local schools are cancelled as we self-quarantine to protect children, parents, teachers, staff and the entire community as well as help contain and limit the virus. But some families genuinely depend on school breakfasts and lunches. So to keep our children fed, many schools have opened their doors as food distribution sites. 

I have responded to these sites to enforce safety and provide a positive appearance and vibe. 

The amount of love and gratitude I have witnessed is astonishing in these times. I view it as hope for better days to come. 

Story submitted by  Kristina Martel.

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