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How To Help The Tornado Victims

Storms across North Alabama Tuesday night left five dead and at least one local business, KB Dancewear, destroyed. Cleanup efforts are in full swing, but there are several ways you can help the families affected by the destruction.

One family in Danville lost everything when their house was demolished. Thankfully both parents and their two children were safe at a local storm shelter. You can donate money to them online through this Go Fund Me account.

Flint Ridge Farm, a stable in Huntsville, was hit by a small tornado. All of the buildings were damaged, and some of the horses were injured. Click here to donate to them.

The Sullivan family lost their home in Hartselle. A Gofundme page has been set up to raise donations for their family’s Christmas.

You can also click here to donate to the local chapter of the Red Cross.

This story will be updated as more pages are set up. Please send any information you might have about families or businesses who need help to [email protected].

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Jessie lives in Meridianville with her husband, baby and four dogs. She thrives on chaos, and loves finding good news stories where you least expect them.

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