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How a Little Blue Pinwheel Makes a Huge Difference

Image by Nico Wall from Pixabay

Have you noticed the blue pinwheels around Huntsville?

These aren’t just any ordinary pinwheels for decoration. They are the national symbol to represent the great childhoods all kids deserve. The National Children’s Advocacy Center partners with Prevent Child Abuse America to put these pinwheels in front of businesses that want to show their support for child abuse prevention. Their desire is to get the word out that more help is needed to fight this intense and worldwide issue.

The blue pinwheel represents a child-like and whimsical feeling and serves as an image of hope. Prevent Child Abuse America introduced the pinwheel as the symbol for child abuse prevention through Pinwheels for Prevention. And it doesn’t hurt that it catches the light and the eye — whenever we see the pinwheel, we’re reminded of the children we can save and the problem we want to eradicate.

Why It Matters

I’m sure you can name at least one child in your life who is important to you. The effect we as adults can have on children is immense. As preventchildabuse.org says, “every day is your call to action and an opportunity for you to recognize that we all play a role in children’s lives.”

Part of that role is to protect children and help them grow into adults who will continue the cycle of protecting children. The other part is to help spread the word. And we can start with the blue pinwheels.

First, buy pinwheel products for your home, school or community, check out Pinwheels for Prevention’s Pinwheel Store. And when someone asks you about the blue pinwheels on your lawn, you can share information about child abuse. Help spread awareness about this problem and educate others on the seriousness of this issue. 

By pairing with the National Children’s Advocacy Center and Pinwheels for Prevention, individuals and organizations have an opportunity to take action by learning — and sharing — more about child abuse prevention, and supporting child and family-friendly policies and services.

In turn, the community is made more aware of the widespread issue of child abuse and neglect, and can help prevent it.

So, will you take a stand against child abuse and put blue pinwheels in your front lawn?

About the author

Kasey Copeland

Kasey Copeland

Kasey Copeland is a graduate student who has a passion for helping children through her career in social work. She loves writing as a way to connect with the world. Her passions include, but are not limited to, Mexican food, dogs, fuzzy blankets and pretending to enjoy working out. In her spare time (whatever that is), she is usually planning her wedding or binge-watching Netflix shows.

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