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HPD Called to Blue Neighborhood

Fake 911 calls are usually frowned upon, but Huntsville police officers made an exception for this sweet gesture. Officers from the West Precinct near Clinton Avenue got a call to come over to a certain neighborhood. 

Once they arrived, they found all the houses glowing blue in support of law enforcement officers. 

“West Precinct Third Shift officers received an unusual call last night,” the Huntsville Police Department posted on Facebook. “It wasn’t a call of distress. It wasn’t a call of a citizen in need. But it was a call that was definitely unexpected. As officers arrived they were greeted by an entire neighborhood of homes lit in blue. An entire neighborhood showing their support for law enforcement.” 

The post almost immediately started to go viral, with more than 400 likes and 62 shares. Others commented messages of support.

“Thank you for serving and protecting!” Holly Hall wrote. “My family and I pray for all officers and their families! We back the blue!”

“That’s awesome!!!!” wrote Pauline Tielking. “Thank you very much for your service and God bless you!!!!!!”

Participating homes put blue light bulbs in their front porch lights to create a blue ambiance seen up and down the street. You can purchase blue light bulbs here. 

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