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Innova: Modern Medicine For The Modern Patient

Innova Primary Care is ready to care for you.

Remember what it was like going to the doctor when you were a kid? Lane Polak, current patient at Innova Primary Care, sure does.

“Pure agony. I can remember sitting in a cold and stuffy waiting room for what seemed like hours while my mother fought her way to the sign-in desk. We watched paint dry waiting for our names to be called,” he says.

Lane remembers one visit, sitting in that examining room, staring at posters of blood cells and bone structures and feeling his thoughts race. Then, a rather unfriendly nurse popped in for a lengthy interrogation about any and every disease he might have had. Ever. By the time the doctor finally arrived, Lane says his diagnosis was swift, unnerving and emotionless.

Lane says he used to think not much had changed since he was a kid.

“The only difference now is that I’m a seasoned adult with an even greater sense of worry and distress,” he jokes.

But that was before he found Innova Primary Care.

Most—maybe even all—patients would agree the weakest links in medical practice have always been customer satisfaction and care. As we continue to progress in a modern and technological society, we would hope that same progress is on the horizon for the medical world as well.

Enter Innova Primary Care, an innovative medical practice with years of knowledge and experience already under its belt.

Young and Old

Innova, the Latin translation for renew, perfectly describes this primary care clinic—because Innova Primary Care is not a young, newly formed practice. In reality, it has been built upon the solid foundation of what was once BrookeMD Primary Care.

Over the years, BrookeMD had been shifting its outdated standard of customer care to embrace a new philosophy that promised patients higher levels of satisfaction and efficiency. BrookeMD was renamed Innova Primary Care to reflect that focus on patient satisfaction, and streamlining the entire patient experience has enabled Innova to continue to thrive and serve all patients—longtime ones and new patients.

Innova Primary Care’s new philosophy implores each member of the team to function together rather than relying on their own individual merits. The decision to rebrand as Innova was a reflection of this new philosophy as they also see themselves continuing to add new doctors and providers to the team.

Old and New

The world of healthcare is constantly changing. Innova Primary Care is excited about embracing that change to find better ways of providing patient-centered care through the use of modern-day technology.

Patient portals provide a secure way for patients to contact, and communicate with, their healthcare providers. Accessible through any computer or smartphone app, the portal provides so much more than just a means of contact. Through it, patients are also able to view lab results, request prescription refills and schedule appointments.

Innova has also provided a self-check-in kiosk that allows patients to come in, log into the kiosk and verify that all valid information pertaining to their scheduled visit is correct. It is an addition Lane finds particularly useful.

“This basically simplifies everything. I used to have to stop at a check-in station that was run by a person to date and sign all those papers every time I came,” Lane says. “Now, I stop at the kiosk, check the information, and I’m done.”

Both of these new additions allow Innova Primary Care to operate at a highly efficient pace without neglecting the patient’s priorities and needs.

Game On

None of this new technology would make any difference without the compassionate assistance of Innova’s highly skilled staff. Innova Primary Care’s director of operations, David Uptagrafft, compares his staff to the members of a soccer team.

“Each person does their part to control and pass the ball into the other team’s zone in order to successfully score a goal. It’s only by working together that we are able to achieve that final victory. The way this translates to our patients is this: Everyone at Innova is there to make sure that you are well taken care of.”

The friendly person at the front desk answers any of your initial questions. Another staff member guides you through orientation and answers any questions you might have about the patient portal or any other technological aspect. Then, you’re on your way to a room where a nurse will be waiting to continue your healthcare visit. Last, but not least, your provider will diagnose you and provide you with further instruction and care.

Its personal-touch care every step of the way.

“Where in the world was this place when I was a kid?” Lane wonders.

Innova’s vision is to make your world a better one in any way they possibly can. Click here or call 256-882-1510 to schedule your first visit today.

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