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Kung Fu Firefighter Goes Viral After Traffic-Stop Jam Session

What is a rookie firefighter to do when exhaustion hits after a long day of working in bad weather? Dance, obviously.

The Decatur (Arkansas) Fire Department posted the video of Tyrone dancing while directing traffic on Saturday, and it has since been viewed more than 4 million times, according to FireRescue1.

“After a long day of closing roads and directing traffic the rookie gets a little bored but knows how to boost the moods of all the firemen,” the post read. 

Residents of the small town in northwest Arkansas spoke out to show their support for the dancing firefighter.

“Love this, love when a person brings happiness to others and demonstrates passion for their job, even if it is gloomy outside. ❤️ Thanks to our firefighters for all you do,” one person wrote on the Decatur Fire Department Facebook page. 

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