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Love Golf? Tournament Helps Diabetics Get Alert Dogs

To hear Dylan Lancaster talk, you’d never imagine he was only 14. He gets up on stage at the black-tie fundraiser he organized and delivers a meaningful, but not over-rehearsed, speech about the importance of diabetic alert dogs. It takes a lot for anyone to get up in front of that many people, much less someone who had school earlier that day.

When Dylan was 10, he started saving up for a diabetic alert dog—a chocolate lab that whines and whimpers if Dylan’s blood sugar drops too low or goes too high. Dogs can smell those changes long before a human notices the side effects.

When Dylan found out there are other people in the world who need alert dogs but can’t afford them, he started his own nonprofit, Dylan’s Dogs for Diabetes or DCubed for short, to raise money for the $20,000 dogs.

In the four years since he launched D-Cubed, he’s raised enough money for Jack plus four other dogs for other diabetics. Sure, there’s a lot of help from his parents and other adults who know about things like party planning and catering, but Dylan is the one doing the networking, the phone calls and shaking hands with people who come to his events.

Throughout the year, Dylan hosts a black-tie dinner and silent auction, spring marketplace, online fundraisers and a golf tournament.

The next chance you’ll have to support Dylan and his mission will be at the DCubed “Teed off for e Type 1” golf tournament on May 15 at the Valley Hills Country Club in Huntsville. Registration is $120 per golfer and can be done online.

Find out more information about DCubed online, then head over to the registration website to sign up for the tournament.

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