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Medicare With a Heart

Innova Primary Cary is serving Medicare Patients.

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Have you ever been to the circus? The most daring of all the acts are the ones with the flying trapeze acrobats. Night after night these incredibly skilled individuals climb to jaw-dropping heights in order to perform death-defying aerial maneuvers. As the grand finale approaches, their safety net is completely removed, and the acrobats are forced to rely solely on themselves for everything. One sudden slip could become the last, even with all the years of experience. The moment of truth approaches. Drum roll please!

Sometimes the world of Medicare is like that. Just trying to navigate the Medicare system can feel a lot like hurling through the air—unpracticed and untrained—without a safety net. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a primary care clinic with a built-in support system to catch you when your Medicare day finally comes?

Well, now there is—Innova Primary Care.

One of the Few

These days it can be difficult to find a medical practice that accepts Medicare let alone one that’s willing to go the extra mile. Until recently, Innova wasn’t accepting new candidates to their current Medicare panel.  But as the population in our community aged, it became obvious to clinic staff something needed to change in order to accommodate the growing numbers of Medicare patients.

So, with the recent rebranding and relocation, Innova Primary Care decided it was not only time to reconsider Medicare, it was time to develop a team-based system that could adequately support serving more Medicare patients.

Empathetic Innovation

One significant point of Innova’s mission statement  is the tremendous value their care team places on the individual. It was important to Innova that the same type of empathetic innovation be reflected in their updated Medicare system.

“Here at Innova, we care about the whole person,” says Office Manager Morgan Boone.

And that’s exactly what they do!

No matter how young or old the patient is, Innova Primary Care providers feel it is their responsibility to keep each of their patients as healthy, active and independent as they possibly can for as long as they can.

So how do they accomplish that?

The Right Fit

We are individuals, and we may have certain medical requirements that are drastically different. Innova recognizes these nuisances and utilizes a skilled team of professionals to keep patients healthy, active and independent.

Innova’s Care Manager, registered nurse Kristin Montalvo, says, “Not everyone’s the same. It’s our job to create an in-depth care plan that’s personally tailored to the individual. Sometimes that might mean a lot of one-on-one service. The other day, I spent thirty-five minutes or longer speaking to one individual—and not all of that conversation necessarily related to healthcare.”

It is unusual to find a primary care clinic whose staff members willingly spend the time needed to address their patients’ needs or answer their questions. Across our community we hear a common theme when it comes to healthcare: Care provider/patient conversations are all business. There’s no time to spend developing a personal relationship that builds confidence.

However, Innova Primary Care works hard to avoid being an in-and-out type of primary care clinic looking to produce fast results without nurturing relationships. Innova staff understand that sometimes patients are just looking for someone to listen, someone who they feel cares.

Innova is there to listen and make sure your Medicare experience is the right fit.

Looking Back

It’s been six months since Innova Primary Care implemented their new Medicare program, and within that short amount of time, over 90% of eligible patients have already enrolled!

Looking back, what exactly does this new program look like?

Morgan Boone has the answer: “Our program uses one-on-one interaction to create a relational atmosphere for the patient. Through this program, our Medicare patients are given a point of contact within our office designated to provide extra time for explaining, teaching or just listening to the needs of the patient.”

Morgan also mentions, “As our clinic has taken on a model of team-based care, patients now have more accessibility to our office as a whole, and we are able to effectively serve patient’s needs in a timely matter.”

Since the implementation of Innova’s Medicare program, patients have been able to gain access to affordable alternatives for their current medications, as well as a structured understanding of their own personal health. In addition to the one-on-one attention, older patients say they have been pleased with Innova’s online-based portal for completing the weekly menial tasks of viewing test results and refilling medications.

To date, the new program has been a huge success, but Innova is always looking for ways to improve upon their patient’s needs.

So, the next time you feel like you’re falling without a net, remember Innova who’s always there to catch you.

Click here or call 256-882-1510 to enroll in Innova’s Medicare program today.

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