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NFL Champ Helps Huntsville

It takes more than two Super Bowl wins for Trey Flowers to forget his roots. The former Columbia-High-School student was recruited to the New England Patriots before moving to the Detroit Lions. 

Even though he’s a big shot in the football world, Trey took some time to remember Huntsville, the city that started it all. Through his nonprofit, Flowers for the Future Foundation, Trey was able to hand out meals to people in Huntsville who were affected by the coronavirus outbreak. 

Trey set up donation areas at the Northwoods Housing Development and James C. Crawford park on June 26 to hand out free food to the community. 

“It’s definitely important,” Trey said. “Obviously, understanding I grew up here and knowing that with the situation that’s going on, just — you know — how many lives it could affect … even just the kids being at home, not getting the meal from the school and things like that. But, you know, just helping out, trying to do my fair share, and help out with feeding or giving them a meal.”

In non-pandemic times, the Flowers for the Future Foundation works with young people in both Huntsville in Detroit.

You can find out more about the foundation here. 

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