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Nurse Honored for Exceptional Work

If you know someone in Huntsville who can walk following a hip replacement, Ginger Dennis might be the reason. She’s a nurse at Huntsville Hospital who works with the Joint Camp program, and now she’s the recipient of the 2020 DAISY award. 

“Once per quarter, we surprise an exceptional nurse with a DAISY Foundation DAISY Award,” Huntsville Hospital posted on Facebook. “In her 20-plus years with Huntsville Hospital, Ginger Dennis, LPN, has helped hundreds of patients bounce back from joint replacement surgery through our Joint Camp program. We’re proud to welcome Ginger to our growing club of DAISY winners.”

The DAISY Foundation was started in 1999 in honor of Patrick Barnes, a nurse who touched so many people that his family wanted to remember his legacy each year. 

“This award honors nurses whose work in policy advances compassionate care that improves the health of populations at the community, state, national or international level,” according to the DAISY Foundation page. “Examples include, but are not limited to, broadening access to care; reducing barriers or challenges to safe, high-quality care; increasing diversity, inclusion, equity; and creating communities for healing.”

Congratulations, Ginger!

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