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Officer Helps Boy Celebrate in Style

When Cadence Helmick, 7, first met School Resource Officer Brad Ford, he was a quiet, shy child, with autism and a speech delay, who had trouble relating to people. Brad worked at Cadence’s school, Brindlee Mountain Primary, and immediately befriended the boy. 

As the year went on, their friendship grew, and now the two are best friends. 

“With these kids, working in the school system is rewarding because you get to see an immediate response,” Brad said. “I think you make a big impact on their life, because a lot of kids, when they get older, grew up scared of police officers and law enforcement and may not open up to them, or ask for help when they really need it.”

When Cadence’s birthday rolled around on September 15, Brad had the perfect idea to help him celebrate. Brad took Cadence on a ride in the front seat of the patrol car, let him play with the buttons and posted a special message on social media.

“Happy birthday, Cadence, from Deputy Ford and the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office,” Brad wrote on Facebook. “Just another reason among so many that I love my job!”

The Community Journal also wishes Cadence a happy birthday!

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