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Outback America: Impacting Lives One Relationship At A Time

Outback America weekend is a golden opportunity to get away and do something meaningful with someone you love.

Outback America played a major role in restoring this family. Maybe your family could use some restoring as well.

Paige’s Story

“I had recently divorced and needed some time with my teenage daughter, so we decided to spend the weekend at Outback America,” said Paige Brown of Huntsville, Alabama. “We set out on a beautiful, spring afternoon for our first ever mother/daughter camping trip with Outback. We were warmly welcomed and put with a group of mothers and daughters, so we felt right at home. We actually enjoyed sleeping in a tent; and though we had wonderful meals and indoor bathrooms, we felt a sense of adventure.

“The weekend focused on relationship-building, first with God and then with each other. I soon realized that I had left God out of my life and relationships way too much. I was an occasional Christian at best.

“I learned something awesome there: that closeness with God inspires closeness with others. It was like receiving a key that unlocked my heart because being close and open had always been very hard for me. The key was growing closer to God first. The speakers gave us practical ideas for doing that. We even had team-oriented activities to illustrate our need for close relationships.

“Outback America was the start of so much healing for me. Remembering the music still gives me chills. I had never worshipped like that before. It was like… therapy. Since that weekend, I enjoy listening to praise music all day long. It helps me remember God’s love and to stay close to Him. I guess you could say that His song is on my lips, and that makes life much more hopeful.”

Our Second Chance

Paige continued her story, “The seed of change that was planted at Outback began to take root, bloom and flourish. A few months later, after a lot of therapy and personal growth, my husband and I remarried. God does amazing things! We were blessed with a second chance. I didn’t think it was possible.

“Last fall, we went through the Outback couples program, and it was awesome. That weekend I learned the value of praying with your spouse—a new area of closeness for us. We learned a lot of practical everyday things to help us rebuild our marriage.

“Since then, our kids have noticed a big difference. God has blessed our relationship and put our home back together. He has breathed new life into something we thought was gone forever. We still have a long way to go, but we are so grateful. We now volunteer with Outback, just hoping to pay the blessing forward.”

Something for Everyone

Paige is one of many people who have been transformed by God through an Outback America weekend. “The program touches everybody in some way,” says director Garrett Martz. The weekend opens on Friday night with an unforgettable life-purpose talk by speaker and comedian Travis Crim—a former Alabama football player who now lives in Hollywood. “Everybody loves Travis,” says Garrett. “He can make anybody laugh—and he does it all weekend as he talks about the love of Christ.”

At Outback America weekends, guests glamp (glamour camp), share fun activities and fellowship. Caring volunteers, like Paige and her husband, are there to serve the campers. It is a golden opportunity to get away and do something meaningful with someone you love. The weekend offers programs for both parents and teens and husbands and wives. Each activity is carefully planned, focusing on relationship building and learning by doing.

The Spring 2016 Outback weekend for the Huntsville area is April 29 – May 1. You can come after work on the 29th. The cost is only $350 for each parent/teen or spouse team. The fee covers all food and anything else you could ever want – including an unending supply of coffee and ice cream! Online registration is currently underway. If you can’t make the upcoming Spring one, sign up for the Fall 2016 weekend.

There are limited tickets available for each weekend – so grab yours while they’re still available! If you know someone who needs this weekend, and you want to give it to them as a gift, there are opportunities to sponsor a guest.

It’s only a weekend getaway, but it could be a step toward something special—like it was for Paige. Don’t miss the blessing of the Outback America experience!

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