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Passing Doctor Saves Drowning Toddler

It’s been a hard year for parents. With schools and activities closed, they’ve been forced to find new ways to entertain their children. With that task comes certain risks — falling into the pool, getting stung by bees and murder hornets, and other outdoor accidents waiting to happen. 

For one 3-year-old, it was a tumble into a hotel pool that almost took his life if it hadn’t been for a chance encounter with a doctor passing by. 

Dr. John Blundell works in New York, but he was visiting New Jersey when he walked past a hotel pool and saw family members performing CPR on the toddler. He jumped into action, reviving the boy before first responders were at the scene. 

“(It is) incredibly fortunate that the doctor … was in the right place at the right time,” the local police chief said. 

John’s employer later took to Facebook to praise his quick thinking. 

“A staff physician from Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center is being credited by police with saving the life of a toddler who was drowning in the swimming pool of a hotel in Montvale, NJ,” the post read. “The physician, Dr. John Blundell, is one of our hospitalists — physicians whose specialty is caring for hospital inpatients.”

While summer is dwindling down, there will still be plenty of opportunities for water fun in the next few months. To help keep your little ones safe, there are several options for infant and child swim classes. 

Click here for more information on Infant Swim Resources in the Huntsville area. 

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Jessie lives in Meridianville with her husband, baby and four dogs. She thrives on chaos, and loves finding good news stories where you least expect them.

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