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Ride to Live: Biker Travels 4,600 Miles for Life

The biker adage is “Live to ride, ride to live,” but one motorcyclist is taking it a step further by traveling the US to raise money for veteran suicide. Retired Marine Corps Major Scott Huesing will travel from coast to coast — a whopping 4,600 miles — to raise awareness for struggling veterans. 

It all started when Scott lost a friend, David White, to alcohol poisoning in June. The Marine-turned-bestselling-author knew he wanted to do something to help. 

“When we laid my friend to rest last Sunday, his mom gave me the last $32 in his wallet, it was all the money that he had, and that gesture, I think, speaks volumes about why I’m riding,” Scott said. “These aren’t statistics to me. These are my fellow Marines, sailors and soldiers.”

Scott will ride his Harley Davidson from his home in Temecula, California to Inman, South Carolina. for a memorial service for David. Throughout his ride, Scott will raise money for Save the Brave, a nonprofit that donates 100 percent of its profits to stress management programs for veterans. 

“Although the coronavirus is on everyone’s mind, Huesing reminds us that other causes and issues like veteran suicide still remain,” according to the Save the Brave website. “Veterans dealing with depression, alcohol abuse and PTSD are especially impacted by the isolation this pandemic has caused in many cases.” 

He’s made it through most of the US — averaging 500 miles per day — by relying on his military training for stamina. 

“People ask, ‘Whatdya do when it starts raining?’ A: RIDE,” Scott wrote on Facebook. “Marines are amphibious by nature. Gotta keep pushing thru. Semper Fi.”

Stopping at bars and breweries across the country, Scott recently stopped in Alabaster for some Alabama comforts.  

“Southern hospitality at its finest,” Scott wrote on Facebook. “Loved my time in @alabama with all of my new friends! Semper Fi!”

You can follow Scott’s journey here, or donate to Save the Brave here. 

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