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Sheffield Man Thanks Rescuers

Michael Bailey was knocked unconscious when his car collided with another vehicle in Sheffield. He awoke to first responders getting his attention, asking him questions to see if he could focus on the answers. 

“There were police officers and firefighters all around me,” Michael said. “They were asking me questions. They were trying to find out what was wrong with me. They were just making sure that I was ok.”

Michael’s mom, Penny, and a friend were both in the car when he wrecked, and when he came to, he was several yards away from his car, although it’s unclear whether he was moved or thrown from the vehicle. 

To offer thanks to the officers who helped, Michael had some yard signs printed up that said, “God Bless Our City’s HEROES.” Officers saw the signs and posted a photo of Michael and his message on the Sheffield Police Department Facebook page. 

The photos went viral, eventually gaining more than 150 shares and 900 likes. 

“Sheffield Police Department would like to thank Michael Bailey for the sign,” the post read. “Michael stated that he was involved in a traffic accident a few months ago that officers responded to. He stated he wanted to show his appreciation for our law enforcement. Thanks again Michael.”

Locals were quick to jump in the comments to praise Michael for his act of gratitude. 

“Young man, this post has made it’s way to Tennessee, and I want to thank you,” wrote one sheriff’s deputy, “from the deepest part of my heart. In a world where myself and my law enforcement brothers are judged, cursed, and spat on daily, you are standing up, and your voice is heard. Keep on the right track, and don’t be fooled by the media. If you ever need a thing, don’t hesitate to ask any of us. We do what we do for you and the citizens of our community.” 

“That’s a breath of fresh air!” wrote another commenter. 

As for Michael, he didn’t expect the signs to attract so much attention. 

“Well when I did it at first, I just wanted to be able to show my appreciation to the cops,” Michael said. “I didn’t know it was going to go like this.”

You can read more about first responders here.

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