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Singing From the Balconies

By Holly Chavez

Italians have a saying that nothing man-made or natural has been or will be invented that will take away their joy of life. 

That saying was never more true than when residents in Siena, a city in Tuscany, leaned from their windows and sang an uplifting melody to their fellow neighbors during lockdown. 

A local captured the singing and posted the touching moment on Twitter. The video clip is shown from a deserted alleyway, lined with cars and a few dim streetlights. In it, you can hear the residents singing “Il Canto della Verbena,” a popular, patriotic folk song.

Other musicians, such as Didie Caria, have followed suit and entertained residents during Italy’s strict national lockdown.

Around the globe, we’re singing our way into hope together — from a socially appropriate distance, of course. Hopefully, when all of the COVID-19 craziness is over, we’ll remember the good side effects: community, time together and lots and lots of singing.

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