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Social Distance Karaoke

By Holly Chavez

Celebrities are just regular people too, forming tight communities and finding ways to stay hopeful, as this recent collaboration shows.

Gal Gadot, otherwise known as Wonder Woman, leads the way in the cooperative effort, and her attempt at lifting fans’ spirits during the COVID-19 quarantine is a celebrity-studded rendition of John Lennon’s song, “Imagine.” 

The best part of the post, in addition to more than a dozen famous, soulful singers, might be the comments about how surprisingly good James Marsden’s singing voice is. 

One Twitter user quipped, “Off topic but James Marsden won this celeb quarantine twitter thing. In all his movies he’s the hapless unlucky guy who loses the girl every time, usually in some humiliating way, but in real life quarantine he’s insanely handsome and a better singer. Interesting.”

Another wrote, “The only person who actually shocked me with how *good* their voice is, was James Marsden. Like, how is he so pretty, AND has a voice like that?!”

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