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Space Camp Is Safe

Don’t mess with Space Camp.

When the North Alabama landmark announced they needed $1.5 million to continue operating, Huntsville stepped up. A Gofundme site raised more than $750,000 through individual donations. Boeing donated $500,000 and SAIC donated an additional $250,000. The final total, after only one week of donations, is $1,539,541. 

While the corporate donations made the fundraiser successful, it was the personal notes attached to individual donations that showed just how special Space Camp is. 

“For one of the best experiences of my life and maybe, some day, my son’s as well,” wrote Amy, along with her donation. 

Other alumni chimed in with their donations. 

“I’ll never forget my time at Space Camp,” wrote Kaitlin Russell. “I’m glad it will still be here for the next generation!”

Among the donors were many grandparents who donated to ensure their grandchildren could go to Space Camp in the upcoming years. 

“Hopefully my granddaughter Nola will be able to attend 2021,” wrote Donna Huggins. 

More than 900,000 kids have been to Space Camp during the last 38 years. Twelve have gone on to become astronauts. Thanks to the generosity of space enthusiasts worldwide, that number will continue to grow. 

Organizers are continuing to push for donations, as the initial $1.5 million only ensures the camp opens for spring 2021. 

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