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Toyota Field Hosts First (Surprise) Wedding

Who knew the Trash Pandas were secret romantics at heart?

Two years ago, Louis Whitlow proposed to his girlfriend, Tiffany, on her birthday. It made the day extra special, so she vowed to make his birthday something to remember. 

“We have been talking about getting married,” Tiffany said. “So marriage has just been an after thought, an after thought, an after thought.”

On July 23, right in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, Tiffany decided it was time to make her move. She organized a surprise wedding disguised as a birthday party at Toyota field, home of the Trash Pandas. It was the first wedding at the stadium. 

Louis thought he was arriving to the stadium for a 40th birthday party. Friends and family were invited, and the stadium allowed them to remain socially distant. 

Technically, there was a birthday party. “Happy 40th Birthday Lou!!!” was displayed across the scoreboard. Louis is a coach for Rocket City Dynamite Baseball and considers the sport to be one of his greatest joys in life — right after Tiffany. 

At first, Tiffany showed up in a personalized baseball jersey and mask for the birthday party. When the time came for Louis to head outside to watch a tribute video on the big screen, Tiffany went inside to change into her gown. 

At the end of Tiffany’s segment of the video, the music changed and the words “turn around” appeared on the screen. Louis turned to find his fiancé dressed in a bridal gown, walking down the aisle — or diamond. An officiant and small bridal party ran to the home plate for the ceremony while everyone watched. 

“She is amazing,” Louis said. “She always has something up her sleeve.” 

You can see photos from the event here. 

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