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Unshaven Heroes Help Local Veterans

Huntsville loves veterans. We have dozens of programs and celebrations for them each year in an attempt to show everyone who ever served just how much we appreciate them. So, when the time came for Lorenzo Covington’s home to get some much-needed upgrades, it was the perfect opportunity for some unshaven do-gooders to step up. 

BeArded WARRIORs, a group of active duty service members and their families, teamed up with Home Depot to fix up Lorenzo’s home. 

Lorenzo is a Korean War veteran who has lived in Huntsville for the last four years with his wife. He uses a wheelchair, and didn’t have a ramp to get in and out of his home until BeArded WARRIORs stepped in. 

“Veterans and their family members have done so much for the country,” said Ty Oswald, president of BeArded WARRIORs. “It seems small for a lot of people but this, for Mr. Covington, being able to get in and out of his house is going to be a world of difference for him that he’s been pretty much housebound for the last couple of months.”

Home Depot awarded BeArded WARRIORs with a $25,000 grant to help with the renovations. They were able to build a ramp, widen his doorway, put down new floors, install a pergola and fire pit, paint, install a concrete pad, add a storm door, installed a water mitigation system and do some landscaping projects in around Lorenzo’s house. 

Phew, that’s a lot. 

It took lot of manpower, too. More than 100 volunteers came out to help with the renovations. 

You can find out more about BeArded WARRIORs on their Facebook page. 

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