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Waldrop Sextuplets: Six Times The Blessings

There’s a moment in every parent’s life when they experience that first glance at their child. It’s a fuzzy, black-and-white image on the ultrasound, but it’s beautiful. Sometimes it’s twins, and the moment is still beautiful — even with that tiny bit of panic setting in the father’s face. Then again, sometimes it’s triplets, and both parents are excited and also panicked. That’s three cars, three college educations, and all the costs of raising a child times three.

Then, there are people like Courtney and Eric Waldrop, the Albertville couple who realized they were having sextuplets — that’s six babies y’all!

“I knew I wanted a houseful,” Courtney told WHNT.

That’s exactly what she got.

Courtney and Eric have been together since they were in middle school. They got married in 2004 and had three sons, one single birth followed by twins. They wanted one more child, but after several miscarriages, they resorted to fertility treatments, according to Inside Edition.

Now, before you start to panic at the thought of having six babies at once, let’s get the statistics out of the way. Twins occur every one in 100 births. Triplets or more occur every one in 837 births. Conceiving sextuplets without fertility treatments happens once in every 4.7 billion births, although the number increases with the use of fertility treatments.

As soon as the community found out the babies, they rallied around the couple to help with expenses and anything else they might need. The Waldrop’s church hosted a 5K run to offset some of the costs of six babies, along with a videoed gender reveal party that soon went viral. It didn’t take long for others to fall in love with the Waldrop six. Their Facebook page now boasts a whopping 62,000 likes.

Miracles do happen. The Waldrop’s six babies, three girls and three boys, were born on December 11 — 10 weeks early — at Huntsville Hospital, with a team of 40 doctors standing by. At birth, the babies each weighed a little more than two pounds.

Their first Christmas was spent in the NICU, but that didn’t stop the family from celebrating.

“Our 6 Christmas miracles,” Courtney posted on Facebook on Christmas. “Happy Birthday sweet Lord and Savior!! You have blessed us with 6 sweet little angels from Heaven!! Such a wonderful Christmas!! Thank you beyond measure for all the continued prayers!! God has truly had his (hand) on all of us since day one. The babies are doing great!! 2 weeks old today. Please pray that they will continue progressing and growing each day.”

Courtney and Eric wanted names that were as special as their circumstances, so they chose Blu, Layke, Rawlings, Rayne, Tag and Rivers.

After spending a few weeks in the NICU, all six babies went home. The Waldrops are now resting, recovering and acclimating to live as a family of nine. You can follow along with their journey here or on a TLC show set to be aired soon.

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