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World Comes to Defense of Jaguar

Photo by Yigithan Bal from Pexels

Mashable reports, “Good news everyone: The jaguar who attacked a woman taking a selfie will live.”

On Sunday, March 11, the internet was in an uproar over the story of a woman who circumvented barriers at Phoenix, Arizona’s, Wildlife World Zoo

to take a photo of herself with a fabulous black jaguar. Recognizing a goodly portion of protein for the taking, the jaguar sank her claws into the woman’s bicep and attempted to draw it into the enclosure.

A quick-thinking onlooker distracted the feline by tossing a water bottle into the enclosure, and soon the Rural Metro Fire Department had the victim on the way to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. That night, the zoo posted:

“We regret to inform that this evening, before closing, there was an incident reported involving a guest who crossed over the barrier to get a photo, according to eye witnesses.  The visitor sustained non-life threatening injuries to their arm from one of our female jaguars.  At the request of the family, paramedics were called.  At no time was the animal out of its enclosure. the incident is being fully investigated.”

As word spread of the incident, animal lovers and foes of injustice took to social media in defense of the jaguar. A typical response was, “Lady got what she deserved. If you put the jaguar down, I’ll NEVER go there again.”

Getting on top of the issue, Wildlife Zoo director Mickey Ollson told ABC15 this is the second time the jaguar has attacked a parkgoer who crossed the barrier, but he also said the attack was “not the animal’s fault,” and she (would) not be euthanized.”

Speaking for a grateful Twitterverse, and by extension, the planet, tweeter Mama Goose celebrated, “Thank God, I was ready to fly there and freak out lol.”

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Brad Hall

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