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WRAPping Foster Families in Love

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Recently, Jess Gordon shared her experiences as a respite foster parent with Shattered magazine readers, and her story highlights the absolute need for the gift she and her family offer Madison County foster parents.

Respite care provides much-needed support for foster families by providing them with licensed adults to watch their foster kids as needed. Respite care is an important resource for foster families that can help lessen the mental, emotional and logistical load of fostering.

But beyond foster care and respite care, there are still other ways you can support the foster care community.

One lady from Mount Zion Baptist Church, Connie Sager, is spearheading a new initiative called WRAP. This acronym stands for “Wrestling in Prayer, Relief care, Acts of service, and Promises of God.” These four areas reflect steps anyone can take to support foster families, but the WRAP initiative will have intentionally-focused teams.

WRAP was initially developed by the Birmingham-located Church at Brook Hills. Brook Hills enthusiastically gave Mount Zion Baptist Church permission to use their resources and program idea in the hope that their success at Brook Hills will be replicated here in the Huntsville/Madison area.

Foster and adoptive families will be assigned six to eight individuals, including a main point of contact. These individuals will focus on the various areas of WRAP, whether by praying for the family, providing respite care, helping with food or cleaning, and reminding them of God’s truth.

The reasoning behind the WRAP teams is well thought out. When foster families first receive a new child, the adjustments can often be overwhelming. On top of that, well-intentioned people who want to help may result in a barrage of calls and texts to the foster parents. In order to maintain as much peace as possible, the main point of contact from WRAP will field all such communications. Then they can relay them to foster families in a synthesized manner, diminishing the added stress foster parents may feel about responding to requests for help.

If you are in the Huntsville/Madison area and interested in learning more about how to support foster families, consider attending the WRAP Interest Luncheon on February 10th, 2019.

The luncheon will be held at noon in the Christian Ministry Center (CMC) at Mount Zion. Sign up here if you are interested. You don’t have to be a member of Mount Zion to attend the luncheon; just come with a willing heart. Depending on the level of interest, they hope that up to ten identified foster families will be assigned WRAP teams to support them.

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Claire Simpson

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