Communicating in time of a global crisis such as the one we are going through is not a trivial goal at all.

All habits have suddenly changed, as have priorities, and this shuffling is reflected in the daily management of activities.

However, communication does not stop.

Social media are a way to continue to have a privileged relationship with your audience. And also a way, for all those activities forced to stop temporarily, to explain that you are still present. 

We continue to communicate to make it clear that we are not simply holding our breath until everything passes. For this purpose we can use a series of messages, always listening and monitoring our communication channels.

Together with your standard strategy, as you have always marked it, you can combine some types of content that can make your communication more in line with the moment.

We therefore suggest you some contents and small communication tips that you can use these days on your channels.

Be an inspiration to your audience

A very famous phrase from Einstein is for example “In the midst of difficulty, opportunity arises”.

And continuing to communicate is an opportunity that social media gives you and that you can use in your favor.

It is possible to decline the inspirational images with phrases that mention the difficulties, or that use the crisis as a starting point.

We bring you for example a famous “quote” by Deepak Chopra: “All great changes are preceded by Chaos”.

In the midst of great difficulties, a word of help can be helpful for an audience that is currently bewildered by contingencies.

A bit of a good mood

We know very well that this period is, at best, complicated. For some a total hell. There are those who have suffered, suffer and will suffer losses. There is division, there is suffering.

But we are so full of negative messages that sometimes a funny message can be liberating.   Always be careful not to hurt the sensitivity of your audience. We therefore advise against messages that are excessively sarcastic, blatantly political and so on.

Instead, we recommend something that can give us even a little smile.

Positive news

Once again: in this period we are, like it or not, harassed by bad news. Being able to select and re-share something positive can help our audience establish better thinking.

So let’s try to look for those little everyday pearls that are able to reconnect us with messages of greater humanity and beauty.

On the other hand, someone has already said: it is beauty that will save the world 🙂

We lead by example

Staying at home is the categorical imperative to put the pandemic on a leash, we know this.

Regardless of all other good habits, from washing hands to conscious use of masks… What is our business doing specifically to keep in line with recommendations? A photo of our smart working could for example be a good starting point!

Or you could take a cue from the communication of the big brands, which have somehow revised their logos, recalling the concept of forced distance.